Supported Groups

supported groups

We offer supported group for 3 different needs:

  1. Mini-Maxi supported play group – For parents
  2. Healthy Mind & Body group – For client’s experiencing domestic or family violence
  3. Out Space youth program – For youth dealing with their sexual identity


Mini-Maxi is a supported playgroup run by our qualified Early Childhood Worker on Thursday mornings throughout the year.

The group is structured around a 12 week program and provides a small group setting for parents to meet other parents, access information and resources about parenting and most importantly, understand the value of playing with their child.

The Northern Centre

Healthy Mind & Body

Healthy Mind & Body is an 8-week support group aiming to educate, empower and connect women who have previously or who are currently experiencing domestic and family violence.

The foundations of the group are based on a relational and interpersonal model of group psychotherapy and domestic violence education. Topics include: Healthy relationships, Healthy boundaries, Healthy Communication and Healthy Self-Esteem.

Pre-group assessments essential for eligibility.

View the group program evaluation here.

The Northern Centre

Out Space

Out Space is a support group for young people aged between 15-21 who identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, intersex, queer questioning, curious, or just not sure. Out Space provides a friendly and welcoming environment that offers a safe place to talk, receive support, connect with new friends, have fun and be yourself.

The group meets on a fortnightly basis for peer support, activities and information that will involve topics such as sexuality, gender, sexual health, relationships, family and any other topics of interest to that particular group.

Please contact us if you would like more information.