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Mindfulness Parenting

As parents, we often know how we would like to respond to the challenges that arise when caring for our child, however, in the heat of the moment we tend to respond in a different way. Raising a child can be a richly rewarding and fulfilling...

正念和育儿 (Mindfulness Parenting)

经过大范围的全球调查和研究,人们普遍知道积极的育儿方式和亲子关系可以让孩子的社交和情绪发展中的多个方面得到加强。 作为父母,通常情况下我们知道要如何应对在照顾孩子时出现的挑战。然而,在盛怒之下,我们更容易采用非常不同的应对方式。...