Parenting Programs

parenting programs

At The Northern Centre we offer a range of parenting programs that provide parents with additional skills to help with raising their families.

The programs we offer are listed below. Government funding allows us to deliver many of our programs at no cost. We can also offer childcare for the duration of the program, please notify us at the time of booking if you need this service. Bookings are essential.

Our classes are usually held during school terms and we are taking enquiries for Term 1 classes in 2018 now.

View our Term 1 timetable below, or contact us for more information.

parenting groups for parents with children aged 0-12 years

The Northern Centre

Circle of Security

Circle of Security is a highly successful 8 week evidenced based program that focusses on how you can strengthen your relationship with your children through understanding and responding to your children’s needs and behaviours.

Circle of Security is a relationship based, early intervention program designed to enhance attachment security between parents and children. Decades of university-based research have confirmed that secure children exhibit increased empathy, greater self-esteem, better relationships with parents and peers, enhanced school readiness, and an increased capacity to handle emotions more effectively when compared with children who are not secure.

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123 Magic and Emotion Coaching

Developed by Dr. Thomas Phelan, a registered clinical psychologist and internationally renowned expert of child discipline and Attention Deficit Disorder, this program aims to teach parents with children 2-12 years how to deal with their child’s difficult behaviour by using an easy to learn and easy to use signalling system for managing difficult behaviour.

This program runs over 3 weekly sessions of 2 hours.

The Northern Centre

Tuning in to Kids

Focuses on the emotional connection between parents and children. Aims to teach parents emotion coaching skills, to help their child understand and manage their emotions, as well as improving communication and parent-child relationship. Help develop your child’s social skills and manage frustrations and conflict, thus increasing positive behaviours.

Teach your child to understand and regulate their emotions.

  • Teach your child the skills of ‘emotional intelligence’ – the ability to understand and control emotions.
  • Help your child communicate how they’re feeling and to then move to problem solving.
  • Explore family parenting styles and how emotions, including conflict, are handled within the family.
  • Learn new ways to handle emotions including those of their children, which leads to improved family relationships.

This program runs over 6 weekly sessions of 2 hours.

parenting groups for parents with children aged 12-18 years

The Northern Centre

Tuning in to Teens

Tuning in to Teens is an effective emotional coaching program developed by the University of Melbourne that teaches parents how to help their child develop emotional intelligence. The program helps teens learn to understand and regulate their emotions.

It teaches parents:

  • awareness and regulation of their own emotions
  • awareness of their children’s emotions
  • to use children’s emotional experiences as an opportunity for closeness and teaching
  • skills in assisting teens to verbalise and manage their emotions, including difficult emotions
  • skills in problem solving
  • improve communication and reduce conflict

The research evaluation of this emotional coaching program found that when parents learned these parenting skills, there were improvements in teen’s emotional competence, social skills, and behaviour. Teens with higher emotional intelligence have fewer mental health concerns, stronger peer relationships and greater career success.

This program runs over 6 weekly sessions of 2 hours.

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