Importance of Dad time

Importance of Dad time

Until around the 1970s, there were mostly clear and defined roles for Mums and Dads. The Mother would stay at home or be the main caretaker and emotional support for the children whilst Dad was the bread winner. However these days there are no longer any clear role definitions for either.

No matter what the family dynamics are, Dads play a special role in their young child’s life. Research shows that constant and dedicated Dad time is as important as Mum time for the child’s development. Dads act as role models and protectors, both physically and emotionally. If the Dad is affectionate, involved and supportive, he also contributes greatly to the child’s social development, cognitive behaviour and self-esteem.

We all learn by modelling behaviour. Early patterns of positive interactions with your child effect how they feel about themselves and how they develop socially. Young children also need full body play to help develop their strength and coordination. Enjoying boisterous play with Dad helps the child to sleep, eat and think better.

Planning opportunities for Dad and child to enjoy fun activities together can be difficult. Even school drop-offs or pick-ups can promote some extra dedicated Dad time for them to bond and play. Get down on the floor and play with them, run around the yard, read with them, play games or work on projects with them. The more dedicated and nurturing involvement the better for the child’s wellbeing.


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