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School holiday activity tips

School holiday activity tips

The end of a school year can be an exciting time for children. Christmas is on the horizon and it’s a long holiday period to play and chill out. For parents, it can be a hopeful time; catching up with extended family; time to see friends; and a celebratory time leading to Christmas. For others, it can be a lonely time with thoughts of the loss of a loved one, or much-loved relatives live far away. It can also be stressful for working parents, organising care for children or keeping children entertained whilst you are at home.

With that in mind, here are some ideas to manage the school holidays.

  • Libraries in the Ryde area are a hive of activities during school holidays, as well as catering to families with pre-schoolers during school terms. Check out the link here:

  • Museums are a fascinating and interactive experience for children (adults love them too). Some examples of exhibitions below:

The Powerhouse Museum has a Star Wars Exhibition.

Australian Museum has school holiday programs with craft activities, science workshops and live shows.

One of their exhibitions currently running is the Australian Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year which showcases some extraordinary images of nature.

  • Creating Toys at Home

When at home, set aside time with your child. Let your child lead you in play, whether it’s a teddy tea party (teddies aren’t just for babies); improvising a tent with a sheet thrown over the dining table; creating a play stove and oven out of a box, using paper plates as a stove-top; drawing or painting, children can be very imaginative particularly when allowed to become bored.

Here are some ideas from The Northern Centre’s early childhood worker on creating toys:

  • Holiday Centres

Many schools have holiday centres which are particularly useful for working parents.

  • Family and Friends

Ask trusted friends and family members to help care for your children when you are working or need time to chill out. Let them know you can reciprocate.

Meet up with the parents of your children’s friends, go to a cafe or park.  Below is a link to parks in the City of Ryde.

  • Orienteering

This is a great sport where participants learn to navigate a course through parks and streets. There are beginners sections as well as other sections for those who want a more challenging experience. Green space and fresh air is very calming for children and you may find they have a restful sleep that night – a definite bonus.

  • Beach

Build sandcastles, splash the water, throw a frisby or ball, smell the fresh salty air – and have lots of fun.  Many beaches have barbecues and playgrounds as well as cafes. Be sure to keep an eye on your children near water.

Enjoy the school holidays, breathe deeply if feeling stressed and cherish the wonderment of the childhood years.


If you would like to learn more about understanding and supporting your child’s development, please contact us on 9334 0111 or to arrange to talk with one of our experienced Family Workers in a confidential setting.