Parenting Toolbox

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Welcome to our Parenting Toolbox.

Parenting is one of life’s most rewarding experiences, however it can be extremely challenging as well.

Our toolbox aims to provide you with regular tips, tools and strategies to help support you in building strong, healthy connections with your child.

To complement the wealth of education you can receive through our parenting programs and events, we will be developing the parenting toolbox to include informational videos, articles, research and tutorials.

As part of our commitment to provide our community with family support services, we welcome your feedback on any topics or resources you would find beneficial.

Boredom is good for your child

“Muuum, I’m bored”, he yelled out. The desperate howl of a child who has ‘nothing to do’ strikes terror into parents. Many parents go into overdrive to occupy their child - sign up for art class, gym class, dance instruction or another activity. As parents,...

Top tips to help improve your child’s behaviour

Reduce 'The Talk', Reduce 'The Noise' As parents we all want our children to listen to us. We want our children to hear our instructions. But most parents, including myself, talk too much to our children, giving them a list of instructions that is overwhelming for...

Preventing Techno-Tantrums

By Dr Kristy Goodwin Your child screams at you telling you, "You're the worst mum in the world!" This might be followed by feet-stomping, huffs and puffs, clenched fists, grunting and a host of other (undesirable) behaviours. And all of this because you simply asked for...

5 Simple toys to make at home for your toddler

Are you looking for some cheap ways to create fun activities at home with your child? Here are five of our early childhood worker's favourites. 1. Ribbon Box What you need A box (large enough for your child to climb into), ribbons and sticky tape The box could cost...